• 01      Product strength

    Rich product series, complete specifications, fashionable flower colors constitute the complete product structure of kangjian. Modern large-scale production base, can guarantee large quantity, high quality supply demand.

  • 02      Policy support

    According to the dealer performance appraisal, the franchisee shall carry out the sales ratio rebate policy, terminal building support and other related business support incentives. Please consult the regional manager for detailed standards.

  • 03      Regional protection

    In order to guarantee the interests of dealers, the brand implements the licensing system of licensing and distribution, implements the principle of regional protection, and also has strict control and control system.

  • 04      Terminal building shop

    According to the store location, the area provides the design plan, the professional designer one-to-one instruction, the store decoration instruction, the sample installation and the soft installation layout construction etc. Promote and promote materials according to the corresponding scheme.

  • 05      Operation of the service

    The brand team has a lot of experience, whether it is the consulting investigation initiated by the project, or the operation strategy, the formulation of marketing plan and the guidance of implementation, all of them can create a reasonable plan for you.

  • 06      Logistics advantage

    Group heavily to build more than 70000 ㎡ modern warehousing center, one-stop delivery category, for the dealer to save valuable time and money resources.

  • With independent operation shop, the area is over 100 square meters, in the mainstream ceramic market area

  • Identify the operation mode and culture of kangjian brand, have brand operation awareness, and have team working ability

  • Have certain economic strength, specific circumstance please elaborate.

  • The specialty store must display and operate the various products of kangjian ceramic brand



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